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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The beginning of The End

So, the beginning of the end of the writing process, in my opinion, is the most stressful. You've spent weeks trying to weave a tale that you see in your head and hope that you've breathed life into the characters....Hopefully, there will be a few tears, laughs and "oh no he didn't's" in this book, but mostly, as a suspense writer, I hope you will gasp. I love these characters; Nic is so smooth with his southern charm and Hope makes you want to put her in your pocket and keep her safe. But, now it's time to push them to the edge of their emotions and rip a bit of their hearts out with the conclusion.....That being said; it's time to write the Holy Shee-it and see if I can leave your heart racing!

Here's to gasps and HEA.....may we all have them and enjoy them!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Restoring Hope Teaser

Coming July 31, 2014

“Can I get you anything else?” Hope asked the back wall, again not looking in his eyes. It bothered Nic she wouldn't, and he waited for her to look at him before answering. When he didn't reply, her gaze moved to his and when their eyes officially met for the first time she inhaled quickly, and her reaction caused his lips to twitch and a slow grin crept across his mouth. 
“This will do for now, sugar,” Nic drawled, a natural reaction to this timid mouse. She was so tiny, so blonde and so damn sweet looking it was automatic to think of her as sweet like sugar. Nic had a southern drawl, but more sophisticated and uniquely manly with his deep baritone voice that women of the south swooned over. A blush moved up Hope’s throat, and Nic’s grin turned sexier as he watched the color of her cheeks turn a lovely shade of pink.