Book Signings in 2016

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Release day!!!

It's been an emotional day today. My birthday, growing older sucks by the way, I don't recommend it, and the release of my first book A Reason To Breathe. Jack has been in my head for 15 years, sitting, festering, needing to come out. I'm thrilled so many of you loved Jack and Jenn. And I'm honored you took a chance on this unknown author. Jenn is the type of woman I would have loved to have been, feisty, sure of herself and takes no crap from anyone. Jack...well Jack is a man I dreamed up after reading a novel years and years ago. There was a sheriff, I remember that much, but the idea of being a heroine in a romance novel stuck with me and took hold. I told myself all those years ago, "If something happened to my hubby, I would move my kids to Colorado and look for a small town sheriff" (I was in my twenties so don't hold that against me) don't we all read books and wish we were the heroin? So, from there Jack grew in my head. Feels good to finally get him out..... And now you know my secret Just don't tell my husband. Thank you to everyone for you support and birthday wish's. next to my children being born and marrying my husband, my own hero, this has been the best day in my life!!! Love you all...♥♥♥